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I have two dict file like teams.yml users.yml I want to generate a file using template , so I start with two seperate for loop for test test.j2 and … Press J to jump to the feed. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts

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Ansible loop is used to iterate over multiple tasks in playbook. It supersedes with_items in Ansible with later version as with_* are deprecated ... The only difference is that the results will now be stored in a dictionary, with one dictionary entry for each iteration of the loop rather than just one set of results.

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If you iterate over huge dictionary Ansible's output is real mess. In my case each iteration produced about 3k output, and it pushed full jenkins output way over 2Mb for my project.This post will discuss how to merge two or more dictionaries in C#. The solution should append key-value pairs present in all dictionaries into a new dictionary. 1. Using LINQ. We can use LINQ to merge any number of dictionaries in C#. The following code example shows how to implement this.

To print how Ansible has parsed the CSV, use the debug module. Notice the use of delegate_to: localhost in the first task. This is because the file username.csv is present on the control-node and not the managed-hosts. Ansible parses this CSV in a list format with multiple dictionaries inside.Ansible Loops with_items, with_nested and with_subelements example. In this article we will see the usage of Ansible Loops. Ansible Loops are used to execute the task multiple times. Consider a scenario where we want to create multiple users or want to install multiple packages. In any normal programming language, we achieve these using loops.JSON, which is widely used in Ansible, is one of them. There are many resources available in Ansible to work with JSON data, and this article presents five of them. While all these resources are used together in sequence in the examples, it is probably sufficient to use just one or two in most real-life scenarios.